Today, Tesla’s least-expensive model is also its most popular. So popular, in fact, that Tesla received nearly 200,000 deposits for the car on the day reservations opened. That popularity was likely spurred by the Model 3’s promised $35,000 base price, but it took nearly three years after the car’s unveiling for the Standard Range model to be made available. In fact, after putting the cloth-seat-trim $35,000 model on their configurator for a while, Tesla subsequently removed it, although you can apparently still order it over the phone or in person at a showroom. The net-net? Nearly all Model 3 sales have transacted at much higher prices.

Assuming you don’t want to try and go through that special-order rigamarole to save $4,900, today’s de facto entry-level Model 3 is the Standard Range Plus. It offers rear-wheel drive, a battery with a 240-mile range (per EPA estimates), a 0-60 mph time of 5.3 seconds and a top speed of 140 mph.